Fashion Week 2018 In Italy (Max Mara, Les Copains, Gucci, Annakiki And More) Part 1

Be prepared to get lost in these breathtaking runways in Italy. Runways from Fashion Week in Milan and Rome. I shared you all of my favorites in even 3 posts, on the end you can find the link of the other post. Divided in 3 parts.

Max Mara

Max Mara totaly rocks, I’m inloved.






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Les Copains

In this collection we can a casual winter/autumn style.






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Gucci leaves always a special style.






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Annakiki Fall Winter 2018

Loving this Annakiki collection, so colorful, so fun with a lot of choises.








Photos by:

Alberta Ferretti

Gorgeous collection with a lot of colors I like Black, Gold and … Check Out!









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Emilio Pucci

Begin colorful with a lot of style.





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A lot of Runways and A lot of favorites to share…
For Part 2 Click Here.

Thank you for begin here.

With Love Donatella Paradiso


Happy Valentines Day!

There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.
– George Sand

I want to share love and wish to everybody happy valetines day even if they don’t have with who to celebrate. If don’t with who celebrate it’s not a shame, celebrate with yourself buy to yourself something or create something what you would like. I think that is not a shame to you love yourself. You just should.

Love yourself. It is important to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out.
– Jenn Proske

Photo by Mike Fox on Unsplash

To be honest I don’t do nothing special for valentines just like a regular day. But sharing and celebrating love needs to be everyday we need to love. Love makes us better person the most important love builds our life.

People are making a big deal of this day like buying a lot of stuff like red hearts or red stuff. It’s nice to give gift but it’s even nicer if you write like a love letter or with giving lovely words to your love. I write love letters but I give to my love, I love watching the impressions of sharing love through words. Sometimes when I write what I feel a lot of words came in my head and a lot of beautiful words that I can’t say. It’s hard to talk about emotions sometimes.

Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

Begin lovely to somebody you don’t know makes them feel better and you’re leaving a good first impression.

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.
– Willie Nelson

Thank you for begin here and I wish you happy valentines day one more time.
Enjoy in life with love & positive energy. (try some yoga)

With love Donatella Paradiso

My Favorites From New York Fashion Week Fall 2018

The fashion week in New York is still running, I watched and choosed my favorites and prepared for you. Having a fashion blog is a lot of fun watching these runways and new clothing, shoes, bags and accessories collations. So many designers with a lot of beautiful creations. I also posted on my instagram my favorite styles. Check out what I prepared.

Cushnie Et Ochs|Fall/Winter 2018 Runway Show

Inloved with these creations of silk, so classic, elegant, glamours just gorgeous! My favorite fall and designer! What do you think?

For more on

Christian Siriano|Fall 2018

Selma Blair & Ashley Graham rocks the runway definitily!

Pictures and for more click here

Prabal Gurung|Fall 2018

These yellow velvet dress is so gorgoeus like the yellow top with blue wrap skirt.

Brandon Maxwell|Fall 2018

Love that yellow still a trend and I inlove with this jumpsuit and the wrap dresses.

Georges Hobeika|Fall 2018

Little bit of short and little bit of long dresses, why not? So beautiful don’t you think?

Jonathan Simkhai|Fall 2018

Lace and slik dreses pretty fashinable and very trendy.

Mansur Gravriel|Fall 2018

Little bit of casual and comfortale outfit.

Ralph Lauren|Fall 2018

Blue, yellow, red, green, white and blue are dominat here.

Sies Marjan|Fall 2018

This pink silk suit is just gorgeous, leather pink trench coat and a lot of beautifull colorfull creations.

Area|Fall 2018

I love the style of this creations just femine, with such class and style. Amazing.

This is it for The New York Fashion Week, if I find out more favorites from this week I will make another post.

Thank you for begin here, hope you like my favorite creations and feel free to share your on IG.

With love Donatella Paradiso.

Nothing Is Beautiful Like A Sincere & True Smile

Photo by Hanna Morris

Todays inspiration came while watching tv they we’re talking about one croatian guy who helped african people from the war and death with building them house and give them everthing they need for living, I was thinking how happy he was when he helped that much people.

Photo by seth doyle

Then I started thinking why I should not doing the same thing? Why not helping people with buying them food, water, heal or even a homes. I want to make all the kids happy to feel and teach them about the real value, to love and support. I know that doesn’t make money but the peace, love and happiness inside my heart is priceless, it’s hard to imagine all of this, to collect all the money and have to spend on exploring and helping people with no possibility to earn or make money.

Photo by zeyn afuang

But why not? ”The people in the world are mean” So what? Why would I be like them? Why woud I be a mean person if in my heart is something totaly different of mean and hate. I want to share love and peace. I’m not a hippie, I’m just a normal person who is trying to stay alive in this cruel world.

Photo by bui hoang lien

I’m 19 years old and my mission is find the true value but to enjoy in the positivity all over the world. I’m full of emotions to give and share and every time I imagine all the happy faces makes me cry because I making all these faces smiling and it’s the best feeling in this world.

I always wanted to help people and to exploring the world. I want to know about how people feels, how people lives, their religions, their culture everything.

Photo by ian macharia

I want to be there for them to help them because A LOOOT of people are donating money to ”organizations” who ”will send 2% of money” and that never happen. I just can’t understand that people, why, why you would be such a ASS and buying to yourself cars, houses and more because your ego want to. Deverse first!

Photo by seth doyle

I will collect money until I get enough, of course I can’t get enough money for to all the poor people in the world but I want to try. Also a past of my mission is showing to people that they can also help if they’re really want to help.

Photo by nathaniel tetteth

I gonna to start my journey if anybody wants or can, come with me, save life and make some smiles. Learning more about life and to be more thankful for what you have.

If you’re not helping other’s help yourself and try to be thankful for your life, try to find the true value of life and love.

Please share more love, patiance, peace and support.

With love Donatella Paradiso

Check Out Homemade Beauty Care Made Of Roses, Apple, Banana & Tomato

Photo by Seth Reese on Unsplash


Usually we give roses to somebody but we can also find out roses in cosmetics.

Lotion of roses for oily skin

  • 1 L of distilled water drop two pichs of petal rose and a little bit of flower sage.

Lotion for skin with pimples

  • In a pot full of red roses petals, transfuse distilled water and let stands for few days. Filtrate and add apple cinder vinegar. These two lotions are great for skin with pimples.

Active contains of rose – high stage of healing and fragant eteric oil.

Photo by Roberta Sorge on Unsplash


With all the healing effect, apple is often used in cosmetic.

Lotion of apple

  • One clean apple put in the juicer and in the received juice add 2,5 dl cold milk. This lotion with cotton wool put on your face. After 15 minute wash up with warm water. Skin will be fresh and hydreded.

Mask of apple

  • Peel off and grate with one apple. Add one tablespoon of honey, juice of lemon, mix up everything well and put the mask on the face. Keep the mask for 30 minutes, and then wash up with warm water.

Mask of apple in another way

  • This is very easy mask. Wash up apple and cut on very thin slices and with them cover your face. Slices needs to keep for 30 minutes and wash up your face after one hour of removing them. After putting masks made of apple your skin is gonna to be hydrated and refreshing.

Active cotains of apple – without apple and lemon acid, sugar, proteins, tannin, vitamin C and others ingredients, contains enough phosphorus, iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, sulfur.

Photo by Mitchal Grosicki on Unsplash


Mask for dry skin and hair

  • This mask is awsome for dry hair and dry skin. Squeeze one banana with a fork, with a teaspoon of sour cream to make a solid mix. Put on your face and after 20 minutes wash up with warm water.

Active contain of a banana – very rich with vitamins B groups, provitamin A and minerals, espacially calcium and manganese.

Photo by Roycan Kruawan on Unsplash


This is vegetable is necessarily ingredient for our summer and autumn cuisine, but and support tool for skin face care.

Mask of tomato

  • Peel off one mature tomato and squeet it well to elimate seed in the mix. Put it on your face and let chill for 15 minute. After that wask up with warm water. Primarily this mask is recommend in for oily skin with extended pores.

Active contain tomatos – very rich with provitamin A, contain a lot of potassium, vitamin C, lycopene antioxidants, and this vegetable have the highest copper content.

With love Donatella Paradiso

See Top 10 Timeless Trends For Every Fashionable Women

1.High Boots Hells

Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash

I love high boot with heels or without them.
They change a totaly your outift in the good way lefting a sexy, warm,
fashionable look.
We saw everyday models and celebs with new colorful pair of high boots with hells is trendy already few years, they’re not going out so soon.

Complete your winter outfit with some high boots.

I prefer a black pair of high boots because I can combine with anykind of color.

I love high boot with heels or without them.


Copyright By The Autor Of The Photo

They change a totaly your outift in the good way lefting a sexy, warm, fashionable look.
We saw everyday models and celebs with new colorful pair of high boots with hells is trendy already few years, they’re not going out so soon.

Complete your winter outfit with some high boots. I prefer a black pair of high boots because I can combine with anykind of color.

To be honest I love wearing black I have like 75% black clohes and shoes.

Viva la black color!


Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash

 2.Demin In Everything


Photo by Force Majeure on Unsplash

Well about demin I have a lot to tell. Demin is a long lasting trend from jackets to shoes, sometimes look very nice a total demin look but sometimes is maybe just a little to much, be carefull if you want a total demin look to choose the right demin clothes.


Photo By Brooke Cagle On Unsplash

Photo By Brooke Cagle On Unsplash

Demin jackets, blouse, shirt, skirt and jeans are a never going out trend because looks very fashionable, it’s a very trendy casual look maybe not all of these clothes on winter but we can combine.
Demin shoes, well it look nice but I prefer only high hells of demin, I’m not into high boots of demin it looks cool few years ago but now it looks totaly out.

3.Trench Coat = Lady Look


Photo by Igor Rand on Unsplash

Trench coat makes you looking very lady looking, elegant, it’s a very fashionable and it’s look amazing for any occasion.

I also have a black one trendy trench coat, I combined with a casual everyday look white t-shirt with blue jeans and black tumbular adidas shoes or with black tight dress, mesh tights and lace-up flats.

What do you think about my combinatios?

And I think this trend is a long time trend.

4.White And Black Strips


Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash

Shirt, t-shirt, skirt, pants and maybe some accesorice but maybe so I love strips and a lot of colors to combine with it’s a pretty nice and elegant clothing.

I combine white and black strips long sleeve t-shirt with blue jeans and a trench coat or long sleeve shirt, black skirt, thights and flats or sneakers.


Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

5.Biker Leather Jacket

Who doesn’t love to wear a leather jacket and to combine with jeans or on tight dress?


CopyrightBy The Autor Of Photo

A lot to combine and so fashionable so biker leather jacket these days is timeless like the colors of these new jackets in the stores.

Photo By Alex Sorto On Unsplash

Colors like baby pink, red, yellow and others.
Hm.. not bad trend it looks nice on pastel combinations or similar colors.

I don’t prefer to buy colorfull leather jackets but maybe I will change mind.





6.Colorfull In Yellow, Baby Blue And Baby Pink


Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash


Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash

These cute color are great in long/medium coats, skirt, shirt, t-shirt, dress and bags.

So beautiful and soft color for cute combinatios.

Yellow bags, dress, shoes are also so trendy.
I also think that yellow is very attrative and different but also very fashionable.
I saw an outfit of white tight short or long dress with yellow shoes and bags.

7.All In Black Outfit

I love wearing black clothes because the color matching.

So my fav trend is long lasting black color.

So black black black I don’t count anymore how much people asked me ”Are you going to a funeral? ” I’m like well this is causal.

Black is always a good catch because is elegant, classy and it looks amazing.

So do I need to add more for black color trend?


Photo by Bin Thiều on Unsplash

8.Polka Dots

Photo By Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho On Unsplash

Photo By Alex Sorto On Unsplash

Not any polka dots, polka dots in the modern way usually white dots, black dots or colorful dots.
For classy, casual or business suit in dots can make your outfit cute and vintige but polka dots won’t go out that easy.


Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash

9.Who Loves Hats


Photo by Luke Pamer on Unsplash

Photo By Clem Onojeghuo On Unsplash

I love hats, I think it’s classy and giving a elegant shine in winter or in summer.

Women hats are georgous and also comfortable, warm or covering from sun.

Combine with a black long coat or trench coat with a black hat with red details.

I combine a black hat with black trench coat, grey faux fur coat or with black fur jacket, blue jeans or little black thight dress.



Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash


Photo By Sharon Garcia On Unsplash

Trasparent and mesh is very trendy, we can find out a lot of clothing with different shape print colors, it’s very cool and different, but no to show too much.

This is the end of this post, I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you have wish to read feel free to comment here or on instagram DM.

Get ready for the next the post in 7 days.
I’m gonna to talk about in next post… soon…

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With love Donatella Paradiso

Get Ready For New Fashion Trends In 2018


Welcome Ladies To The First Post Of Style Style X Fashion


So I want to introduce you into this new page on my site so I will talk about fashion, trends, street style, personal style, accessories, spring fashion, summer fashion, fall fashion, winter fashion and maybe more.

I write what I think about something launched in the fashion world and about the fashion combinations from fashion bloggers, celebrities and more.

I want to share positive vibes on my posts and if you’re trying to find some fashion tips or guide for your outfits I think this is the place for you.

I have the best intentions with this page I want to talk what’s good and new in the fashion world, I also want to share where you can buy these products.

I prepared for you few new fashion trends, good to know for 2018 I picked the best trends I liked from the runway, street style and fashion news.

Check out!

1# Fur & Fluffy Clothing




Fluffy fur coat looks breathtaking, glamours just perfecton.

It’s very easy to combinated high fashion outfits with a medium size of coat.

Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash

2# Lower Waist With Belt



This trend is great for highlight your waist in a lot of ways on jacket or coat, t- shirt, sweater just use a belt to end your style and be fashionable.

Use this trend to have a thinner waist and look fashionable.

Try to combine more high waist belts to your outfit.
It’s very timeless detail that define waist and changes your look to make you slimmer.



3# The Red Power


 “If you don’t like speaking much, wear red clothes; they will speak on behalf of you!”
― Mehmet Murat ildan


The red color trend actually is a timeless fashionable trend starts from pants, skirts, boots, coats, shoes, sweaters and bags.

Red is a full color, beautiful color, attracts, it’s making everybody looking gorgeous and attractive.

I would combine ”The Red Power” is very fashionable in (red) high or ankle boots, red coat, red pants, red long sweater or try a total red outfit.



Try to be more creative and try to be yourself. 
Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash
Photo by Renegade98 on flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

 4# Glitter boots




Glitter boots are good-looking boots with a glitter color, they’re very trendy but I think they will In only this year.

I would use this glitter boots with in a outfit with skirt or dress and tights of skin color. Be careful with glitter nobody wants to shinny.



5# Nylon or Trench Coat



I love nylon coats because are looking very nice, elegant and modern.
With a lot to combine in casual, elegant or working outfit but only not gym clothes.


Photo by fervent-adepte-de-la-mode on VisualHunt / CC BY

6#Supersize & Turtleneck Sweaters

Cozy, fluffy, warm supersize sweater very nice trend to combine high boots.
And belts to  define your waist and to make your outfit perfect.



7# Gray Suit Color




 Gray suit color looks very professional for working occasion or just to look elegant in a general formal attire.
Gray color looks great on winter outfits.


Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash





8# White Accent & 
Silver Accent



Silver clothes, accessorize, bags… Silver is gonna crazy during this year.
But a pretty looking trend I love this trend but just an accent, not the entire outfit.
Same as Silver accent, pretty trendy because white color timeless it’s always looks trendy. White color is so elegant with a total white look and a nylon coat is a trendy outfit combination.
Photo by DCHIC on Visual hunt / CC BY-SA
Photo by I am Priscila Diniz on / CC BY

9# Colorful Tights


Use fancy tights to make your skirt or dress outfit complete.
Tights in the winter period are perfect on the low temperature outside, there are also tights to look thinner and shaped.
One more tip – Be careful with colorful tights or any kind of design like dots or lace with what clothes you can combinate an perfect outfit.


If you’re interested for a collaboration with my fashion blog,
feel free to contact me on instagram or about on my site.

Feel free to like, comment or share.
on instagram @i.m.donatella

Thank you for begin here and have a nice day!
I hope you find out in this post more about trends in 2018.
I want to share with you my fashion thoughts because I love writing about it and I want to share with you the trendings and thoughts.
I wish to you to be more creative, positive and lovely.

With love Donatella Paradiso.