How To Have Long Lasting Nails At Home?

Already to 2 years I have a uv lamp and at first I was applying with the uv gel and then I tried with uv nail polish.


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I want to share an advice:

– If you want long nails and in this moment short definitily is uv gel for you.

– If you like more short nails then try uv nail polish, I’m using the long lasting uv nail polish Galaze China Glaze and I’m pretty happy.


– With natural long nails is a big choice because if you want a like a long lasting manicure I would use gel because is more long lasting and is not that easy to damage.


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So buying a uv lamp is not so expensive and If you think that you like the idea to make beautiful manicures and any time. So another advice don’t buy your uv lamp on ebay try to buy in some local shop and with some licenced check, my friend buyed on ebay uv lamp and when she was trying to turn on the lamp started to smoke. So try to buy the right one and actually is not so expesive, the price starts about 200KN / 26EUR / 33 USD and for the first time is enough you will see the results.
At the first maybe is not gonna to look nice because is a different density of the uv gel, uv nail polish and a normal nail polish.

– And if you like more nail polish try Golden Rose Long Lasting nail polish for me the only nail polish that can lasting even a week or two week. So very nice lasting for a nail polish.


Few Youtube Videos –

For Uv Gel:

For Uv nail polish: 


Try to find more, Thank you for begin here.

With Love Donatella Paradiso

Check Out Homemade Beauty Care Made Of Roses, Apple, Banana & Tomato

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Usually we give roses to somebody but we can also find out roses in cosmetics.

Lotion of roses for oily skin

  • 1 L of distilled water drop two pichs of petal rose and a little bit of flower sage.

Lotion for skin with pimples

  • In a pot full of red roses petals, transfuse distilled water and let stands for few days. Filtrate and add apple cinder vinegar. These two lotions are great for skin with pimples.

Active contains of rose – high stage of healing and fragant eteric oil.

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With all the healing effect, apple is often used in cosmetic.

Lotion of apple

  • One clean apple put in the juicer and in the received juice add 2,5 dl cold milk. This lotion with cotton wool put on your face. After 15 minute wash up with warm water. Skin will be fresh and hydreded.

Mask of apple

  • Peel off and grate with one apple. Add one tablespoon of honey, juice of lemon, mix up everything well and put the mask on the face. Keep the mask for 30 minutes, and then wash up with warm water.

Mask of apple in another way

  • This is very easy mask. Wash up apple and cut on very thin slices and with them cover your face. Slices needs to keep for 30 minutes and wash up your face after one hour of removing them. After putting masks made of apple your skin is gonna to be hydrated and refreshing.

Active cotains of apple – without apple and lemon acid, sugar, proteins, tannin, vitamin C and others ingredients, contains enough phosphorus, iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, sulfur.

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Mask for dry skin and hair

  • This mask is awsome for dry hair and dry skin. Squeeze one banana with a fork, with a teaspoon of sour cream to make a solid mix. Put on your face and after 20 minutes wash up with warm water.

Active contain of a banana – very rich with vitamins B groups, provitamin A and minerals, espacially calcium and manganese.

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This is vegetable is necessarily ingredient for our summer and autumn cuisine, but and support tool for skin face care.

Mask of tomato

  • Peel off one mature tomato and squeet it well to elimate seed in the mix. Put it on your face and let chill for 15 minute. After that wask up with warm water. Primarily this mask is recommend in for oily skin with extended pores.

Active contain tomatos – very rich with provitamin A, contain a lot of potassium, vitamin C, lycopene antioxidants, and this vegetable have the highest copper content.

With love Donatella Paradiso

 How Powerfull Is Avocado In Skin Care Uses?

Welcome back to my beauty corner

Do you wanna try something different?

Try avocado power!

The avocado power can help your hair, skin, nails and in nutritional way. I love making homemade masks, searching on the internet about avocado who powerfull is, I found out that is very healthy with a lot of vitamins, minerals and others.

So I prepared two masks, which in both I used one avocado and I recommend when you’re making this to mix the ingredients with blender or similar tool because its easier to mix the ingredients and it’s a time saver!

Hair Mask

  • 3/4 Avocado
  • 5 tablespoons of olive oil
  • One and half tablespoon of raw honey
  • One tablespoon of lemon juice

Leave for 30 minutes and wash your hair normally. I’m in loved with the results of this hair mask, my hair is soft, shinier and repaired! Try it you wont regret, I promise!

Face Mask

  • 1/4 of avocado
  • 4-5 tablespoons of lemon
  • 1 tablespoon of raw honey

Leave for 20 minute after that wash your face.

I hope my explanation was clear. If you try these masks let me know how works on you and feel free comment, like or share.

Thank you for begin here.

Kisses :*

My Easy Way For Glowing Skin With Cucumber

Welcome to my beauty corner!


What do you think about glowing skin?
You can make your skin glowing in one easy way! With cucumber!
You just need to cut cucumber in few slices.
Put the slices on your face on spots like under your eyes, under your mouth, on the forehead and checks. Leave for 10 minute or more if you want.





 Gently massage slices on your face, remove the slices and let the soak get dry, I recommend to don’t wash your face because the soak of cucumber makes the skin be hidrated and glowing like some skin care cream for glowing. I love these treatment because it’s easy and quick for a ”natural” effect of glowing skin.

Effects even on the first time think about few treatmeants!
You should try,
What do you think?

Share with me If you tried this way to have beautifull glowing skin.
Feel free to comment, like and share.


Try This Powerfull Body Scrub Made Of Lemon And More..

Welcome to my beauty corner!

Today I want to share this homemade scrub it’s easy to make and cheap.
Do you wanna try?

For this scrub you need:

    • olive oil
    • lemon
    • sugar

Determine for yourself how much would you put ( I putted 3-4 tablespoon of liquid ingredients and dry ingredients 6-7 tablespoon).

Mix the ingredients together, put on your body before you’re going to bath or shower, massage the scrub on your body and wash off. For the end put body cream. Your skin is gonna be hydrated, smooth, it helps for ingrown hair and it also useful begin shaving legs.


Share with me if you tried this scrub and are you satisfied with the results,
Feel free to comment, like or share.


Do You Wanna Try Homemade Scrub Of Coffee, Cinnamon And Honey

Welcome back again to my beauty corner!
This time I tryed a scrub of coffee, cinnamon and honey this mask
 help skin to be hydrated and soft. 

It’s very easy to make, you will only need 3 ingredients:PicMonkey Collageaa

  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • 1 teaspoon of coffee
  • 1 teaspoon of cinnamon



The honey I used was crystallized if you also have the honey like me, I put it in microwave to 300 ° C and leave for half a minute.PicMonkey Collage


Mix the ingrediets together and leave this mask for 10 minutes then gently massage, wash your face and put skin care cream for face care, I  usually put Himalaya Cream or Mixa Sensitive Cream.



I hope you’re gonna try this mask and if you do I would like to know how it works on you, feel free to leave a comment, like or share about it.


How To Use ”Natural Products” For Soft And Hydreded Care

Welcome back to my beauty corner.

I love trying out homemade mask because I think the most helpful care for skin is in I call them ”natural products. Natural products are products from nature like fruits, vegetables and of course products like milk and honey.  I use only homemade mask and homemade aloe vera extract. The results are visible at the first use and the skin looks healthier, hydrated and a lot more benefits.

So I try out this homemade mask:

  • 1 tablespoon juice orangeIMG_3807
  • quarter of banana 
  • 1 teaspoon of honey

Mash a banana, mix up with juice orange, honey, put the mix on your face and after 15 minute wash with water and shampoo.
After this mask I recommend one more helpful treatment:

  • Raw Honey 

Put honey on your face and leave it for 25 min. Wash it up your skin will be soft and glowing. Try out and let me know what you think!